Coton de Tulear KLENOT TOLIARY


You can find in Dog Breed Encyclopaedia written by Mr Hans Räber a legend about a ship which was wracked on Madagascar coast about the year 1500. Only one pair of white dogs survived the disaster. They swam along the coast as far as near to Tulear (Toliary) town in the southern part of the island. They are said to be very much bred at this place. Only rich men could afford to keep this kind of dogs till the beginning of the twentieth century.

This little dog is called “Cotton dog from Madagascar”. Origin of the name is according to its coat which looks like cotton fleece-down. The coat is white or white with gray or fawn shadings, which are darker in puppy age. This spots can be seen on its ears as well. Length of coat is 8 cm and does not moult and even it is not necessary to cut it. In spite of the coat does not moult it needs regular care, combing and brushing.

Coton de Tulear is a little tiny dog with round dark eyes and intelligent look. It was awarded as an untidepressive dog of 20th century in Belgium and is recommended to people living in stress situations. Coton dog likes children company and is devoted to its master and his love. It can give return like for like excellently. Male weight is 4 kg but max. 6 kg; female´s is 3,5 kg max. 5 kg. This little dog is a sociable breed and is placed in class IX FCI.

We do believe that COTON de TULEAR will find a place in your heart.

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